Yves Doessant’s speech at eMove360° Europe Conference 2021

Yves Doessant, Product and Sales Manager of Solith, was one of the speakers at the eMove360° Europe Conference 2021 which was held from 16 to 18 November. The Conference, a must-attend appointment especially designed for engineers and IT experts in the automotive and energy industry, was an occasion to find new ideas, partners and customers.

Yves Doessant’s speech was about how cell assembly equipment can help overcome flexibility, reliability and quality challenges in cell production.

Abstract of the speech 

Producing lithium cells in high volumes while maintaining high quality presents a number of difficulties, especially when you aim to flexibility of format, reliability of the machine and quality of the final product. Sovema Group, with its Solith product line, offers state-of-the-art solutions to manage these issues easily.

Solith machine have many advantages: from cutting precision to product handling, they also have a flexible size range and can avoid contamination during the battery formation process.

As a tailor-made equipment provider, Solith – Sovema Group’s brand for lithium batteries – receives inquiries for different cell types. For this reason, since 2011 Solith has developed and gained experience in cell assembly lines for lab production, and is now able to provide flexible and precise equipment with good automation level, as well as specific know-how and expertise in the cell assembly process.

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