ViSo: View and control your Sovema equipment from any device

ViSo, acronyms from Latin for Sovema and Visum (view), is the new Sovema application for the Smart and Remote view and control of the Sovema Group machines.

We have developed and improved this helpful feature for the 30t/day models of Sovema Oxide Ball Mill, to monitor in real-time the status of the machine: a further step ahead in remote access to the machine’s working parameters, after the eWon function already installed in our pieces of equipment for many years.

What are the main features of the ViSo app?

The control of the Oxide Ball Mill’s status thanks to remote access to its dashboard, using an app able to connect with the machine’s PLC, verify its parameters, and provide visibility for the main trends.

You can connect through any browser by smartphone, computer or tablet.

You can immediately see the real-time trends and the history of the main parameters, such as temperature, depression, and weight.

ViSo is a useful and essential feature always to have the machine under control.

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