Ten years of Solith

In the spring of 2011, inside Sovema Group, the activities of a small and dynamic office were starting up. This unit, composed of a few people, had the ambition to create an entity mainly related to the world of lithium technology, parallel to the core business of Sovema Group.

It was the origin of the Solith project, which in the following years would become one of the Sovema Group brands and this year celebrates its first 10 years.

The first members of the team, with experience and determination, laid the foundations of what would soon become the commercial, technological and operational core of the project. Now, a dedicated cross-functional team contributes to consolidate the project day by day.

Ernesto Bortolini talks about Solith’s past, present and future, also in memory of Pier Giuseppe Bernini

We talked about the first ten years of Solith with Ernesto Bortolini, Solith Technical and R&D Manager, who has been working in the team since 2011. Recalling those years, Ernesto told us that many innovative projects in the world of lithium cell technology were being born, which mainly concerned the automotive sector’s future. It was this technological environment that promoted and stimulated the beginnings of Solith.

Today, compared to 10 years ago, the sector has strengthened, thanks to the many issues related to the green economy. European and worldwide institutions have taken on a progressive, even increasing, awareness of the world of lithium and its potential. John Goodenough, Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry “for the development of lithium-ion batteries”. The automotive revolution is already underway.

Speaking of Solith’s present and past achievements, for Ernesto and all of us at Sovema Group, it is essential to remember our dear Pier Giuseppe “Pier” Bernini, founder and soul of the Solith project from the beginning, who prematurely passed away in 2017.

Pier Giuseppe was a chemistry lover and a lithium battery industry expert. He was a real reference for both customers and all team members, whom he patiently accompanied, especially in their first approaches to this sector. General Manager of Solith, Pier will always be remembered as a friend and a leading innovator for the manufacture of lithium-ion battery production systems.

The future of Solith

Our hope for Solith’s future? The market is giving us clear and optimistic forecasts. There are many opportunities, the sector is constantly evolving, and the projects are becoming more and more exciting and challenging. Our main goal is to consolidate our reality and make the most of all these opportunities.

To the next ten years, and beyond!