Sovema Group welcomes Mr Francesco Capuzzo, our new Sales & Marketing Director from October 1st, 2021

Effective October 1st, 2021, Mr Francesco Capuzzo has taken up the Sales & Marketing Director position at Sovema Group.

With over 20 years of experience in the company, Francesco is a reference point with strong technical expertise in Sovema equipment. After holding different managerial roles, he returned to the Sales Department, where he spent fifteen years as an Area Manager and Sales Director.

During his former period in the Sales department, Francesco has been in the frontline, supporting our lead-acid customers in the definition and realisation of their projects: from new battery plants to build up from the ground to the continuous innovation required by the most expert battery manufacturers worldwide.

Following a strong company reorganisation in 2016, he took up the Field Service and Operations Department lead. In the past six years, he carried out significant organisational improvements that are bringing their fruits now. Giambattista Piazzola, who took up the Field Service and Operations Manager position after a few years as Chief of Technical Assistance and Testing Quality Control Manager, will continue this path.

We asked Francesco to spend a few words about his experience in the Operations and Field Service Department: “What I liked most in these past few years was supporting the people I was coordinating in their professional growth and awareness of being part of a team. We learnt that sharing the technical knowledge with all the team is a key asset in the growth of the team itself and the whole company.” he stated.

About the new challenges as he’s back in the Sales Department, he added: “I feel excited to restore a direct line with the market, facing its changes with my new baggage of experiences and skills. I am especially thrilled to play a role in the advanced battery market with Solith, taking part in the huge transition towards a green mobility system that is impacting everybody’s daily lives in Europe and beyond”.

We are confident that Francesco Capuzzo can ensure high continuity in Sovema Group’s business growth and the relationship with our customers.

The former Sales & Marketing Director, Eng Marcello Fantoni, left the company to undertake a new business opportunity. We are very grateful to Marcello for his contribution to our company over these years, and we sincerely wish him all the best for the rest of his career and personal life.