Safety and Quality Policy

In the belief that quality, health, and safety issues at work need to be addressed in a systematic way, the Management of SOVEMA GROUP S.p.A. has chosen to introduce in the company a quality and safety management system to be developed as an integral part of one’s daily work organization and development programs, by allocating all the necessary resources to achieve this goal.

Within this path, the Management commits itself to address as a priority and in a systematic way all the quality, health, and safety aspects at work, in all activities and assessments related to future planning. It also undertakes to organize its entire structure in such a way that everyone is involved and participates, each according to their responsibilities and skills, in pursuing the objectives assigned in terms of quality and protection of safety and health.

MISSION: With Passion, Experience, and Innovation We Realize Complete Solutions for the Production of Traditional and Advanced Batteries for Mobility and Energy Storage.

VISION: Contributing to a Sustainable World as the First Reference for Manufacturers of Traditional and Advanced Batteries for Mobility and Energy Storage.

In particular, the Management of SOVEMA GROUP S.p.a. wants to pursue the following lines of company development:

  • Maintaining constant compliance with product standards and regulations regarding health and safety in the workplace;
  • Continuously improving the product and service quality (speed of delivery and responses according to customer needs) so as to satisfy the customer and thus establish a partnership, rather than a supplier-buyer relationship;
  • Developing new solutions and research new products to meet continuous and specific customer needs, entering new markets and new sales areas.
  • Improving production techniques in order to improve the product.
  • Improving the management system to enhance the production and organizational methodologies.
  • Improving the management system to enhance productivity and reduce non-compliances.
  • Ensuring that information on company risks, prevention and protection measures are maximized for all workers; the training of the workers is carried out, reiterated and updated, with particular reference to the task performed and the promotion of informed and agreed prevention strategies;
  • Ensuring consultation of workers, preferably through the Workers’ Representative for Safety, on the most important choices and issues for safety and health at the workplace;
  • Ensuring that all the workers are trained, informed and made aware of the tasks assigned in terms of safety and health at the workplace;
  • Ensuring that the entire company structure participates, each function according to its attributions and skills, to the achievement of the safety and health objectives at the workplace, which the Company undertakes to define and disseminate with its planning, in particular with regard to the improvement of safety aspects;
  • Ensuring that the design of the machines, systems and equipment, workplaces, operational and organizational methods are implemented in a compatible and consistent manner with the safeguard of the safety and health of workers, third parties and the community in which the Company operates;
  • Promoting the identification and timely analysis of the problems as well as the needs emerging during work, with the aim of undertaking from time to time the most appropriate actions for further study and improvement;
  • Promoting cooperation and collaboration with business organizations and trade union representatives as well as with the relevant external bodies;
  • Favoring preventive actions, including internal investigations on potential risks to the safety and health of workers, in order to minimize the likelihood of accidents, injuries or other non-compliance conditions.

The Management is engaged to constantly monitor the implementation status of the Management System, in order to identify areas for correction and improvement and to verify the correct and effective participation of the entire Company structure.

Furthermore, the Management is engaged to examine this Business Policy annually during the Management Review and to formulate precise quantified and measurable objectives aimed at ensuring the achievement of the goals set forth in this Policy, with a view to continuously improving the organization and the Company as a whole.