SOVEMA, SOLITH, and SOVEL are the three product lines of the SOVEMA GROUP.
They are also the brand names of the relative products.

Equipment for Lead-Acid Batteries

SOVEMA is the product line and brand name for lead-acid battery manufacturing technologies. With these products, the SOVEMA GROUP has developed a solid worldwide customer base and is recognized by battery manufacturers among the top equipment suppliers.

With this brand, the SOVEMA GROUP is the sole supplier which can deliver turnkey projects covering the whole battery manufacturing process: oxide production, grid making, mixing and pasting, curing, assembly, formation, and finishing lines. The company is able to provide customized technical solutions to meet the requirements of automotive, motorcycle, e-bike, and industrial battery customers.

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Equipment for Battery Formation and Charging

SOVEL is the product line and brand name for an array of battery formation systems which completes SOVEMA’s and SOLITH’s product ranges.
The high-efficiency IGBT technology and the regenerative architecture adopted in its products allow considerable energy savings and cost reductions both in the lead-acid and in the lithium-ion formation process.

With this brand, the SOVEMA GROUP also provides intelligent charging solutions for industrial e-mobility applications.

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Equipment for Lithium Batteries

SOLITH is the product line and brand name for lithium battery manufacturing technologies. This brand, created in 2011, represents already a solid reference for lithium-ion battery manufacturers: in fact, the SOVEMA GROUP can boast as customers the biggest players worldwide in this field.

The SOVEMA GROUP designs equipment both for small pilot lines and for large automated and integrated manufacturing plants. Our know-how in this product line is focused on assembly lines for cells, modules, and packs; ageing and formation systems can be provided as well.

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Testing Equipment for Cells, Modules, and Packs

Bitrode Corporation is a leading manufacturer of battery production line testing equipment, laboratory test equipment, user-friendly software and manufacturing automation tools appropriate to all battery applications and chemistries. Their focus on quality and commitment to providing superior technical support drives them to be one of the best full-service manufacturers of charging and testing equipment for both large and small cell markets since 1957.

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