Our General Manager Massimiliano Ianniello speaks at E-Tech Europe 2022.

The GigaFactories Challenge: how can the EU industrial players successfully fulfil a sudden and booming demand?

Our general manager Ianniello spoke at the E-Tech in Bologna and focused on the strategic role played by the battery industry in the future of energy storage and mobility. From this point, Ianniello’s vision comes to life: to create a Made-in-Europe network for the exchange of skills and the sharing of resources in order to face the Gigafactory Challenge and guarantee the technological independence of the EU. Not a challenge for individual companies but a strategic challenge for Italy and Europe.

In fact, at the moment there are no suppliers of machines or plants able to satisfy the requests of the large manufacturers, as the main suppliers are currently located in Asia.

According to Ianniello, the OEMs and other big players are likely to need suppliers of such size and capacity as to be able to manage all the phases of the complete project. This is not possible today in Europe due to a fragmented supply chain.

The first step is to overcome the obstacles related to production volumes and the supply chain of raw materials and equipment, as well as training qualified students through synergy with schools and universities.

Therefore, it will be possible to face the Gigafactory Challenge through the skills, starting from those players that already live in lithium, through production dimensions capable of satisfying the market demand, and through the formation of a network of companies capable of creating a synergistic and efficient system.