New Sovel 360: Features and Benefits

Sovel has developed a new software suite, supplied with Sovel chargers, to meet the needs of a large customer base: from factories to laboratories, including both lead-acid and advanced chemistries, Sovel 360 can provide a wide range of services. 

Mass production factories manufacturing high volumes of lead-acid batteries can find a friendly interface, configurable with different access levels according to the operator’s task. For laboratories and research institutes, especially in the lithium-ion battery field, Sovel 360 can provide sophisticated functions managing several variables simultaneously. 

The combination of Sovel360 with Sovel rectifiers allows for accurate management of the battery formation process in any situation. Hence the name Sovel360, which underlines the ability to work at 360° on all applications. 


Sovel360 is a software suite with four essential features: first, the Program Editor, an advanced tool designed to fastly set up a formation program or test a part of the machine. 

The Synoptic View allows the operator a constant and real-time view of the formation and testing process on all the chargers managed by Sovel360. There are four views, according to the specific monitoring needs: circuits matrix, formation room, chargers room, and real-time graph circuit view. 

Sovel360 suite also includes a powerful Graphs & Reports utility for the final analysis, providing data storage and clear comparative views of many variables. Full customization of the graph is available on the software interface: this allows fast and direct access to the formation and testing data, limiting the need to export and elaborate the data on external programs. 

The last feature is the Calibration of all the Sovel equipment’s parameters, fully integrated with the software. As a result of the Calibration, the system releases a full report, sharable with anyone who needs it.


The Sovel R&D team designed Sovel360 based on 15-years of experience in the field to provide the best solutions to the most compelling inquiries from battery manufacturers and researchers.  Sovel360 brings essential benefits to the daily business such as extreme programming flexibility (flow chart configuration), real-time formation/testing trend, real-time auto-diagnostic with log file creation (fast service system), highly detailed reports and graphs, trends comparison on all the variables, multiple synoptical view, and remote management. 


Sovel360 equips Sovel rectifiers in case of brand new installations. However, for loyal customers, an upgrade from the previous software APC3000 to Sovel360 is possible in most cases, transferring the history of the existing formation programs from the old to the new software. 

For more details and customized solutions, contact a member of our Sales Team!