Our Company has changed its corporate name

We are pleased to announce that, effective June 14th, 2017, our Company has changed its corporate name into Sovema Group S.p.A.

This decision was made due to the market growth of Solith and Sovel business lines over the last few years;   therefore, it became necessary to give more explicit evidence to the new businesses and to bring them at the same level as the core business related to the equipment for production of lead-acid batteries.

Sovema Group S.p.A. changes its look as of Wednesday June 14th, 2017, and the new corporate logo becomes:

The three product lines, mutually synergistic, are each identified by their own logos:

Production of equipment for lead-acid batteries

Production of equipment for lithium batteries

Production of battery charging systems

Sovema Group represents the organizational structure supporting all three product lines. Solith and Sovel will take advantage from this stronger organization in their growth trajectory, preserving and improving their specific competences.

This will also allow our Company to improve the technological innovation of all three product lines and to guarantee a better service level to our Customers.

Sovema Global Services remains an integral part of the Sovema Group, acting as a National Sales Company for the North American market and managing all three product lines: Sovema, Solith, and Sovel.