July 2, 2021: “RESTART, Digitization and Mentality”. A conference to understand and face a world that has changed

What is Digitization? Mostly, it means knowing how to coordinate people and simplify processes, making them more transparent.

The conference “RESTART, Digitization and Mentality: understanding and facing a world that has changed” helped us focus on many aspects of this cutting edge concept. The event took place on July 2, 2021 at the “Palazzo della Gran Guardia” in Verona, special guests the Mayor of the town Federico Sboarina, the president of the General Confederation of Verona’s Industry Raffaele Boscaini, and the national newspaper “Il Sole 24 ore”’s journalist Sebastiano Barisoni.

Our General Manager,Massimiliano Ianniello, also attended a panel discussion focused on the new approach to ecological and digital transitions. We thank Archiva, which organized this valuable opportunity to exchange knowledge. It was fascinating to discover how digital transformation can lead to more efficient productivity and customer experience, digitizing the lean organization process itself and providing higher efficiency.

Furthermore, looking towards the future of our sector, it is now evident that close cooperation with Europe will be necessary, which shall move increasingly towards electric mobility, to consolidate and strengthen a still very fragmented sector.

You can watch the video of the event (in Italian) on Youtube at this link.

Below you can see some photos of the event. See you next time!