Innovation and new equipment at virtual ELBC

As a result of the great investments in R&D in the past few months, Sovema Group was able to display at virtual ELBC a set of innovative equipment, ranging from oxide production to battery finishing.

The key drivers of the implementation of the new features include an increase of product quality (lead oxide, lead strip, plates, and finished batteries), whilst providing higher performances, as well as cost savings and reduction of energy consumption and maintainability.

The new releases presented at the booth include:

– For oxide production, our Cold Lead Cubing Machine: a production system for the small lead cubes to feed into the oxide ball mill, produced in a casting-free process which ensures cost and energy savings as well as a strong reduction of the environmental impact.

– For grid making, we can propose a set of Upgrades for our Wide Strip Casting lines installed on the field, including an innovative device to reduce drastically the lead dross production due to the melting of the lead chips returning from the punching process, and a very effective thickness control system on the final strip.

– In the pasting stage, we have upgraded the core part of our Drum Paster, the hopper, to improve the plate quality and overall productivity. This upgrade can be installed on the old machines and is provided as a standard for the new ones. Besides this, we have redesigned our Flash Drying Oven to improve its efficiency and reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. And, last but not least, we are presenting our solution for the Small Plate Pasting process, a highly automated line specifically designed for 2-wheelers battery application.

– For the assembly process, we are presenting the new Sovema E|125 Enveloping and Stacking Machine, which features a brand new design with special attention to the quality of the produced groups of plates as well as the operator’s workflow. This machine is a perfect and flexible fit with Sovema COS and assembly line.

– Finally, we are displaying our Plug Setting Machine, a piece of high-performance equipment that enables the customer to reach high automation and maximum flexibility in the final stage of the battery production process.

Each of the new products is presented by Sovema Group sales team, who describes in detail the key benefits and features of the equipment in a dedicated video, available at the virtual stand until October 14 and on our YouTube channel.