Pasting Line high-thickness plates

Sovema’s Pasting line high-thickness plates is the solution for the production of high-quality thick plates.


Sovema’s COS2020 ensures high casting precision in a fully automated process, to get batteries with high-quality straps. The machine is designed to be fully integrated with Sovema envelopes and assembly lines, to fulfil a wide range of production requirements.

E|125 Enveloping and Stacking Machine

Sovema’s E|125 features a brand new design with special attention to the quality of the produced groups of plates as well as the operator’s workflow.

Pasting line for e-bike plates

Sovema’s breakthrough concept for full automatic handling of small plate pasting operations, from grid mesh decoiling to plate group stacking.

This line is specifically designed to paste, cut, dry, and stack small and light plates. The process is fully automatic and in-line: this allows the Customer to overcome the need for manual labor, and to increase production rate, as well as process efficiency and control.

The newly designed drum paster ensures high and uniform plate quality, as well as grid format flexibility.

TO|2020 Flash Drying Oven

Sovema’s TO|2020 Flash Drying Oven provides high energy efficiency, continuous process supervision, and high-quality plates in a very compact design. This new product represents an improvement compared to the previous version Flash Drying Oven.