A new milestone in Sovema Group’s internal training

On July 20, 2022, Sovema Group celebrated the end of the training path as production team leaders of Luigi Caldana and Massimo Castellari, under the lead of their master Marco Franzoni (Workshop Coordinator) and their tutor Giambattista Piazzola (Operations Manager).

In 2021 Sovema Group decided to invest in an internal training project, called “Master-Pupil Training Agreement,” involving several key people. The aim was to transfer expertise and skills from the most experienced staff to the younger and most promising resources in the manufacturing and engineering areas.

Massimo and Luigi were trained on several topics related to the successful management of an equipment manufacturing job order: planning of the tasks, management of the team, definition, and periodic control of the work-in-progress check-points.

The pupils and the master are delighted with the results and eager to put the gained skills into practice in the upcoming projects.

A special mention came from Sovema Group’s CEO Enzo Mazzola: “A company’s improvement lays its foundations on its people’s continuous growth. Congratulations to all!”.