E-bike battery manufacturing requires the handling of large numbers of plates with very small dimensions, which makes manual labor widespread in this industry. This operation has a major impact on the production rate, process efficiency and control and on environmental conditions.

Sovema Group’s new concept aims to drastically reduce either manual labor rate and pollution and to increase production, process control and output quality in the e-bike battery manufacturing process by fully automating all operations from grid making to plate stacking before curing. The key idea behind this concept is to produce a continuous multi-grids punched strip with dedicated pasting process, followed by an innovative dividing process whose output is a single row of multiple plates. Only at the end of the drying process are the rows of plates grouped and cut into packs of small plates, accurately positioned on customized pallet stacking system.

The throughput can be as high as 1,000 plates/min.



  • Multi-grid process from pasting to stacking
  • Automation of all operations, from grid making to plate stacking
  • Innovative equipment design fully dedicated to small plates


  • Reduction of manual labour
  • Process and product consistency
  • Higher production rate

Value for Customer

  • Cost savings
  • Better product quality
  • Increase in output volume