Being the first one to believe in the IGBT technology for battery formation, Sovel built its line of HD and EFT Chargers entirely around it.

The success of this choice is witnessed by more than 800 units installed in more than 40 Countries worldwide.

The HD features guarantee longer equipment life, higher safety standards, sustained productivity levels, and considerable money savings which all translate into a less-than-2-year payback time.


  • 90-94% Efficiency both during charge & discharge
  • 99% Power Factor Efficiency both during charge & discharge
  • Total Harmonic Distortion less than 5%
  • Fast Service System (our exclusive feature) allowed by:
    Autodiagnostics with safety check sensors
    Internal debug system
    Remote service capability


  • Less heat load for HVAC system
  • No need for power factor correction
  • No need for harmonic distortion correction
  • Faster response & intervention time
    Lower downtime
    Easier maintenance

Value for Customer

  • Longer life
    Money savings
  • Money savings
  • Money savings
  • Money savings

“Advanced Battery Concepts has developed and manufactures high energy large format bipolar lead acid batteries for adoption by existing lead acid battery manufacturers. Sovema’s High Density IGBT has allowed Advanced Battery Concepts to accurately refine its formation processes whilst delivering unparalleled round trip efficiency.”

Ed Shaffer, CEO of Advanced Battery Concepts

Advanced Battery Concepts is the first company to successfully design a bi-polar lead acid battery and develop and implement a commercially viable manufacturing process for such batteries. ABC s GreenSeal® batteries reduce the lead content in a battery by 46% for the same energy as conventional lead acid batteries whilst delivering significantly improved cycle life, improved power and faster recharging.

Advanced Battery Concepts is currently working with existing lead acid battery producers and engaging licensees to realize the commercial potential of its technology, as well as on-going production of batteries and additional research from its Battery Research & Engineering Development Centre in Michigan to broaden its technology portfolio with the aim of producing better batteries for a better world.