Wide Strip Casting & Rolling Line

This line performs the continuous casting of lead strips with a width of the raw strip be up to 320mm and a thickness of 13 mm. The line is comprised of the following main  parts: the lead melting furnaces, the casting unit, the rolling mills, and the coiling system.

Cast & Punch – Full Frame

This is Sovema’s breakthrough solution which combines lead strip production and punching into a single line.  It has a compact footprint and allows  the elimination of semi-finished product stocking.

IPPL – Industrial Positive Plate Line

This line is designed to produce positive tubular  grids and plates for industrial applications. A first unit performs grid die-casting, spine cropping, and spine gauntlet insertion. A second unit performs paste filling, bottom bar closing and welding, washing, and palletizing.

HD Chargers

Sovema’s state of the art in regenerative battery formation: maximizing energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness