A New Organization for Sovema Global Services

Sovema Group announces that it has decided to manage the North American market with a Sovema Global Services (SGS) reinforced team after Mr. Alessandro Fossemò stepped down in May from his position of SGS general manager. Sovema Group thanks Mr. Fossemò for his work during his tenure with the company and wishes him all the best for his future career.

SGS’s team includes Mr. Terry Hartman, who will take responsibility for managing the sales of all brands, Mrs. Cindy Gravley, sales backoffice, and three sales area managers of proven experience and competence in each specific brand: Mr. Michele Dorigotti for Sovema (lead-acid battery equipment), Mr. Michele Bonizzato for Solith (lithium-ion cell and battery equipment), and Mr. Roberto Vecchia for Sovel (power electronics equipment).

Sovema Group stresses the strategic importance of the North American market for its business and the key role that SGS plays in it. In the past few years, Sovema Group moved beyond simply offering lead-acid battery manufacturing equipment to propose — in addition to it — its lithium-ion product range and power electronics solutions branded, respectively, Solith and Sovel.